Thursday, 19 March 2009

Football: economists excel at games (in theory)

The staff have started training for the this year's Academics v Senior Honours football match so I thought I would re-post the photos and video of the March 2009 match.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the staff upheld the reputation of the School by winning 2-0. Santi and Ahmed were the goal-scorers.

Here's a short video of the game:

This year, we're going to draw the SH team members' names out of a hat during the coming SH party (Thursday 4th March - in the coffee room, 1st floor, 31 BP, 4pm) and the game itself will be towards the end of March. If you want to put your name forward for the team, just email Karen or Christina on and we'll put you on the list.


  1. It captures the action perfectly!

  2. Does anyone in Junior Hons want to test this theory? There are 4 of us here in the micro labs who say 'aye'

  3. We knew it would be a tough game – every respect to the Senior Honours guys.
    It’s the result that counts and very much a team game, but I was over the moon at keeping a clean sheet.
    The early goal was crucial, allowing us to perfect our strategy – keeping it tight at the back and using route one.
    It could well have been a game of two halves, but fortunately we only had to play one.
    We look forward to our next match with confidence.

  4. And don't forget my bleeding knee...