Monday, 24 August 2009

Credit Crunch reading

Some recommendations from the Economics Department here at the University of Edinburgh:

This youtube video.

At Brown University, there was a "conversation" between Peter Howitt, David Weil and Ross Levine, who discussed the economic situation, the bailout, and the outlook for the future (with paerticular reference to the US). Here's the video, and a short description in the Brown student newspaper.

Robert Skidelsky's recent review in the New York Review of Books of Martin Wolf's book. This is a thoughtful review bringing in nicely the role played by the global imbalances.

Tim Besley was asked by the Queen why nobody had predicted the crisis. His reply to her on behalf of the British Academy can be found here.

Olivier Blanchard (chief economist at the IMF) gave a lecture which gives a good overview of causes and policy responses. The video of the lecture is here.

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