Thursday, 25 March 2010

Students beat injury stricken staff team 4-2

The injuries started before the game even started with Santi pulling a calf muscle doing stretching exercises. Then 5 minutes in, fate intervened again to trip and injure Colin. Following another staff injury, there were some heroic performances from the staff team with Andy playing the entire game with a very bad back, Ed playing the entire game with a very bad cold and Santi making some fantastic saves in goal with his very bad calf injury.

This should not be taken as an excuse for losing. With Gavin Alston the Rock in defence and Umair Aleem's silky skills, this was always going to be one-way traffic. However, there remains a challenge for the student team to rise to next year - nobody has ever scored against Colin the Cat!!!

Man of the Match - Gavin Alston
Hero of the Match - Santi

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