Friday, 18 March 2011

The School of Economics Staff Team 3 - 7 The School of Economics Student Team

It all started as expected. The student team passed the ball around, they were organised. The staff team didn't move, they were thinking about research. Sevi was late, he is Spanish. The game remained tight until after 30 minutes, the students suddenly scored 4 times in 3 minutes. Coincidentally, a large bet had been placed at Ladbrokes that the students would score 4 times between the 30th and 33rd minutes.

There are just a few incidents we should mention.

Adam Brown, the Braveheart, put his head in the path of a staff foot when scrambling the ball to safety. There was some confusion over whose foot it was but fortunately the referee got a clear view of the incident and said that it was definitely Santi's.

Unfortunately, the referee did not get a good view of how the Head of School, Simon Clark, came to be flat out on the ground so just to be sure, he gave each and every student a yellow card.

The referee gave the students a very soft free kick when Christopher Dias flung himself forward as if he had been hit in the back by a bulldozer. Replays show that it was a perfectly legitimate slight nudge.

Man of the Match: Christopher Dias the Drama Queen for his Oscar performance (and he also scored a few goals).


  1. Karen, you are wasted here, Gaby Logan better watch out!


  2. Brilliant!

    Please say some of this stuff actually happened.

    Vindictive student

  3. I'm afraid it is completely true!

  4. I have always been tough with students.


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